King of Gods
Ruler of Mount Olympus
God of Sky


Ares's iron hammer (formerly) Iron chain (formerly) None (currently)



Zeus is the king of the gods and god of the sky. He is the son of Kronos and Rhea, the brother of Poseidon and Hades, and the father of Apollo, Athena, Ares, and Hercules.

In the filmEdit

In the movie, he takes the guise of an old man to mentor Theseus and watches from his palace as he is taken captive by Hyperion's army. He then appears again in his true form and kills Ares with a fire-laden whip as punishment for his disobedience. Enraged, he strides up to Theseus and tells him to prove him right when it comes to his faith in the young man. In the final battle, he traps the Titans within the mountain and engages them in combat with a chain securing on the prison cell. He then brings a heavily wounded Athena as well as Poseidon, and a heavily injured Theseus to Olympus to recover from their injuries

Zeus possesses the standard powers of an immortal.

Immortality - Zeus is an immortal so he has to have immortality or some thing like that.

shape shifting - when he is on earth he is not in his immortal form he shape shifts into a old man to train and keep an eye on Theseus.