Mount Olympus





Gods are the second generation of Immortals who are the ones who defeated the Titans during the first war. After their victory, they became the rulers of the world and

A Immortal is a divine being in the movie immortals. They are created after the Greek gods and are the Greek gods inside the movie called immortals. they live upon a kingdom called Olympus where they can see most of what is happen if not all in the world. and imprisond the titans.gods and immortals are the same thing.

superhuman powers. A Immortal can have extra powers then others but there are some powers that all of them have.

immortality - they can not die from old age or by some type of sicknesses they live forever if they are not killed.

superhuman body - all of there physical attributes like strength speed,agility,senses,healing,and much more is enhanced so much it is superhuman.

divine teleportation - every immortal has the ability to teleport using a divine energy. they can use it to teleport to Olympus or quickly away from Olympus. so far it is unknown how much power they have over it and where it comes from.

divine combat - they are so enhanced in combat that with a wepon eney thing not divine are close or above there power level do not stand a chance fighting them and wining

a Immortals weaknesses

murder - they can be killed if some thing or some one that is at the some power level or higher has the ability to kill a immortal even if it is still hard to do so.

to much opponents - if there are too many opponents at once for them to fight they could with some time become tired and be wounded or even killed.