Status: Deceased (Killed by Zeus)
Gender: Male
Race: Olympian
Rank: God of War
Weapon: Iron Hammer
Allegiances: Zeus



Ares was the god of war, the son of Zeus, and the brother of Athena.

History Edit

Unlike the other gods, Ares is particularly impulsive and sanguine and knowing the human soul, he decided to actively help Theseus and his friends in an ambush right away. However, his intervention will lead him to death at the hands of Zeus himself. Hit by a whip of fire, he was incinerated and his imprint will remain clearly visible on a slab brought immediately on the Olympus. But his sacrifice will allow Theseus to fulfill his mission.

powers - he has the standerd powers of a immortal

divine form - he has a divine form where he looks godly

superhuman hammer enhancement - he is so enhanced at fighting with his hammer is is superhuman and godly.

shapeshifing - he can shapeshift in to a mortal form for when he is with human or on earth.